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Botanical Statements has earned a name synonymous with quality and effortless style; our range of exquisite artificial floral arrangements are made from the finest quality permanent replica flowers and foliage available.

5 great reasons to choose our designs


Scenario: for many businesses conservatively the average outlay for fresh flowers is $50 per week; $216 per month or $2600 per year!

Botanical Statements reception displays are around $400 to purchase.
This represents a saving of $2,200 per year!
Botanical Statements reception displays are ~$60 per month to hire.
This represents a saving of $1,880 per year!

Quality The natural appeal of each and every Botanical Statements floral design is captured in the shape, colour combination and luxurious containers used to create each display. Our artificial flowers and foliage look SO real most people cannot tell the difference the quality is so exceptional; however, what people do notice is how consistently spectacular they look.
No fuss

Perfect for the corporate environment because there is no fuss or work required to maintain them and they are not affected by heat or air conditioning. You will never have issues with fouled water, dirty vases, pollen stains or dead leaves and petals to clean up with our designs.

Accessible No need to worry about weather out of season flowers and specific colours will be available. With our stunning range of artificial flowers you know you will have consistently beautiful flowers available year round. With the peace of mind your flowers will look perfect day in and day out.

By choosing these lightweight and easy to handle artificial silk bouquets and floral designs you will find moving them a breeze, our wedding designs are incredibly light and easy to carry.

With the added convenience of taking delivery of them weeks before your special event you will have plenty of time to set up and arrange last minute details to ensure there are no unexpected surprises.


The beautiful flower designs at Botanical Statements feature striking foliage, branches and vines layered and displayed for their sculptural appeal; silk flowers are used sparingly to ensure each piece retains its clean, uncomplicated lines. Our stunning containers are chosen for their shape and distinctive form and made from the best quality lightweight resin, cast stoneware, art glass and ceramics ensuring they complement and enhance each unique design.

From modern tropical arrangements of lush strappy foliage and exotic blooms in beautiful crescent shaped stone bowls through to the paired down simplicity of willows, succulents and grasses displayed en-masse in oversized urns. The magnificent range of designs incorporates many natural elements and has something for every setting.

Botanical Statements show an absolute commitment to sourcing and using the most botanically correct artificial plants and fake flowers available. We pride ourselves on an exquisite product range of the highest quality and invite you to explore the wonderful world that is Botanical Statements.

Our Wedding Range

The Botanical Statements wedding range provides brides with a gorgeous selection of posies in delicate pastels, garden flowers of English roses, lilac, magnolia, lavender, tulips, lily of the valley, camellia and stunning exotic orchids in rich pinks and fresh classic white. By choosing artificial silk bouquets you have the peace of mind your flowers will look beautiful not only on your wedding day but for years to come.

Many of our brides choose from the Botanical Statements bouquet range because they know how easy it is to have hair accessories, men’s buttonholes and table displays made up to match for the reception, all so natural and real looking without the fuss of short lived fresh flowers. The Botanical Statements reception table posies are all displayed in beautiful glass vases so they double up as perfect gifts and lasting mementoes for your family and friends.

By choosing replica faux flowers from Botanical Statements you can plan well in advance as your bouquets and table displays can be delivered to any location in Australia and can be set up ahead of time. With permanent silk flowers you don’t need to worry about seasonal availability, inclement weather, allergies, wilting, water or pollen staining on your gown. For brides marrying in regional areas, country towns, tropical or remote places out of major cities our beautiful range of bouquets and reception table flowers will guarantee you create a stylish and vibrant display regardless of the often limited availability of seasonally vulnerable fresh blooms.




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