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How to choose your bouquets

There are so many choices when it comes to flowers and lots of things to consider. You might want to firstly think about the colour as this creates the greatest overall impact (read more in hints & tips). Next is to decide on bouquet shape - round, trailing or hand spray are the basic styles. The final choice is flower variety and to help you with this try to decide if you like larger defined blooms or smaller petite clusters.

1. Colour - look for a good contrast, think about a palet of colours, something to tie the wedding theme together or for an elegant look keep all the bouquets similar to visually link you together as a group.

2. Shape & Size - decide on the bouquet shape and size - trailing bouquets, round posies or natural stem hand spray are the main styles (see below).

3. Variety - e.g. large and exotic (like lilies) medium and classic (like roses) or small and delicate (like stephanotis) .. think about what will suit your theme.

Bouquet Price Guide, Style, Shape and Size

Round Posy

This design is softly rounded from the front and side view and probably the best style if you’re after a natural looking bouquet that works equally well as a smaller, simpler version for your bridesmaids. For a formal effect, the same variety is used such as all roses clustered together en-masse. If you prefer a less formal "spring" look a mixture of three to five varieties such as lisianthus, lavender, tulips, freesias, ranaculas, lily of the valley, stephanotis and hyacinth look beautiful together. With this design the posy usually has a few leaves to accent the flowers around the edge and nestled amongst the flowers to set them off and look as natural as just picked freshly from the garden.

Stems can be covered and bound in satin ribbon to match your gown or left exposed for a more natural effect. Certain flowers lend themselves to the look of natural exposed stems such as tulips, calla lily, roses and hyacinths, leaving the stems longer and exposed balances the look of the bouquet and gives the flowers a more natural "garden fresh" look.

Petite Small Medium Large

12-15cm diameter

$35.00 - $45.00

15-18cm diameter

$55.00 - $75.00

20 - 22cm diameter

 $85.00 - $120.00

24-30cm diamete

$130.00 - $165.00

Note: size & price will vary slightly depending on flowers used


Trailing Bouquet (teardrop)

This formal and rather grand style is created with a round posy top that tapers off with smaller buds to cascade and trail down your gown. Care needs to be taken to ensure the bouquet is in proportion to the bride’s height and dress style as it can overwhelm the dress if too large or bushy. A trailing bouquet is held with both hands and carried in line with the hips.

With the current trends favouring anything 'vintage', the trailing bouquet has seen a big comeback, with many brides choosing to hold this style of bouquet and have their bridesmaids with a simpler posy version.

Larger flowers like English cabbage roses, lisianthus, lilies, Phaleonopsis orchids and cymbidium orchids provide a terrifc 'focal' when teamed with smaller flowers like spray roses, freesias, hyacinth, stephanotis sprigs and vanda orchids. By using several different blooms you can create a softer more feminine combination, or keep the mix simple for a stronger, cleaner look.

Petite Small Medium Large

28cm long

$75.00 - $85.00

32cm long

$95.00 - $120.00

42cm long

$130.00 - $160.00

50cm long

$180.00 - $250.00

 Note: size & price will vary slightly depending on flowers used


Hand Spray (arm sheaf/spray)

This is one of the most versatile designs as it can be held in many different ways and made from just about any flower. The hand spray looks natural and elegant for any bride/bridesmaid because it can be held in an upward position across the forearm with the top blooms sitting at the elbow or down the gown at a slight angle like a trailing teardrop style. The stems either end together and are bound in satin or left natural and taper. Foliage can be dramatic and delicate vines can trail from the bouquet or equally the design can be simple and elegant.

Anything long stemmed and structured like roses, lillies and orchids is ideal for this style of bouquet. Or try tulips, irises, magnolias, antherium and lotus pods clustered at the base.

Petite Small Medium Large

28cm long

$45.00 - $60.00

33cm lon

$65.00 - $85.00

40cm long

$95.00 - $130.00

45cm long

$140.00 - $160.00

 Note: size & price will vary slightly depending on flowers used


Bouquet Hints & Tips 

Our personal favourite is keeping all the bouquets similar in colour and flower choice then varying the size/style with hint of fresh greenery amongst the blooms - this will visually link your bridal party together and keep the look simple and elegant. At Botanical Statements we think greenery is really important in your bouquet because it gives your flowers a natural "just picked" look that sets them off and frames them beautifully.

Remember, matching your flowers gives you an uncomplicated elegant effect and leads the eye to the focal point - the bride and groom!  There is generally enough colour & contrast with the bridesmaids dress fabric so what’s typically needed is flowers that draw you together as a group ... flowers with lots of white and ivory flowers with  sprigs of fresh looking green foliage nestled amongst the blooms look perfect! 

If you want some colour in your bridesmaids bouquets it's often a good idea to pick up some of that colour in the bridal bouquet – usually the shade of the dress fabric to help connect you visually. A good contrast is often better than trying to match the flowers to the bridesmaids dresses as you want them to be seen rather than blend in and look too contrived. Remember you are photographed as a group and the flowers will really help to create a visual link in your bridal party.

Many of the Botanical Statements bouquets are created themed up ready for bride and bridesmaids so the difficult task of creating a link has been done for you. Check out our accessories where you will find buttonholes for the men’s suits and ladies dress corsages and wrist sprays to continue the theme.

We have chosen the artificial replica flowers in our range carefully for their realistic look, colour accuracy and ability to translate to a beautiful and natural looking bouquet, accessory or table centre.  If you can’t find a particular flower variety or colour combinations please let us know and we will consider adding it to the range if it meets our quality standards.

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