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About our Wedding Range

We invite you to explore our large selection of artificial wedding designs from gorgeous county garden flowers in soft muted pastels through to exotic orchids, classic roses and vibrant lilys all made from the finest materials in a breathtaking and natural colour range. All our bouquet designs have a stunning range of coordinated accessory flowers (buttonholes, corsages and wrist sprays) and reception flowers (table centres) to complete your wedding theme. 

Why choose Botanical Statements:

  • Great value – often cheaper than fresh flowers plus you get to keep them!
  • Durable and long lasting – guaranteed not to wilt, droop or go brown... ever!
  • Available all year round – never out of season, consistant & reliable
  • Lightweight and easy to carry – silk flowers are delicate and feather light
  • Stress Free – easy to organise ahead, no nasty surprises on the wedding day

Our brides choose from the Botanical Statements wedding range because they love how lightweight the silk bouquets are and how risk and stress free artificial flowers make their wedding organising. There are no issues around flowers wilting, browning or not being available at the last minute. No matter the weather your flowers will look fresh and perfect ... all day every day, no mess, no fuss.

Each silk flower is stunningly replicated
in incredible detail to ensure the most fragile and delicate
 blooms look real and just how nature intended...only better because they last forever and look perfect!

Having your flowers weeks before the wedding day means many brides can set up reception table flowers themselves if they prefer saving on specialist delivery and event stylist set up costs. With Botanical Statements it’s easy to theme all your bridal and reception flowers; they also double up as wonderful gifts and create lasting mementoes for your friends and family.


Explore our ONLINE SHOP for the full wedding range 
Submit a QUOTATION FORM for customised designs



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