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Your table flowers are a key element to creating a stunning and memorable wedding reception; they transform a venue by adding vibrancy, colour and a sense of glamour to your event. When choosing centrepieces for your wedding, it’s important to consider the style and colours to ensure you tie the theme of the wedding together seamlessly. An elegant occasion calls for an elegant centrepiece design, a casual wedding calls for a less formal wedding centrepiece. At Botanical Statements all our table centres are made to match the bridal theme to make planning effortless.

Our beautiful range of artificial floral table centres is specially designed to be used as keepsake gifts for special guests and family members to remember your wedding day. Why not consider choosing wedding centrepieces that double as bomboniere?  There are many options available when choosing wedding table centrepieces, as they play a major part of the overall wedding decorations. So give them the detailed attention they deserve and create a spectacular atmosphere and look.  


We recommend you consider the table shape and size for example, if the wedding tables are round a single floral centrepiece placed in the middle of each table will look beautiful, however if the tables are rectangular a few smaller table centrepieces or centrepieces of varying sizes would look more aesthetically appealing.  For longer tables we have a beautiful range of floral designs that can connect all the way down the table or be placed at intervals with scatter petals between. Our designs are made into ceramic or glass vases with flowers set into clear resin to simulate water.

Size & Price Guide

The size of the wedding centrepiece itself is also very important. The centrepiece shouldn't be so small to be overlooked or too large to not allow enough room for other items such as place cards, cutlery, and dinnerware making the table too cramped. Botanical Statement bridal table centres are all designed to be just the right height to ensure your guests can easily communicate and have an uninterrupted view around the room.  

Bud Vase - Round or square bud/specimen vase with 1-3 flowers/stems.

Small - approx 8cmW x 20cmH
Priced from: $18.00 - $20.00

Medium - approx 10cmW x 25cmH 
Priced from: $20.00 - $28.00

Posy Vase - Round fish bowl shape or square cube vase with posy of flowers.

Petite - approx 12cmW x 12cmH
Priced from: $28.00 - $35.00

Small  - approx 15cmW x 15cmH
Prices from: $35.00 - $55.00

Medium - approx 20cmW x 20cmH
Prices from: $55.00 - $75.00

Large - approx 25cmW x 22cmH
Prices from: $75.00 - $95.00

TroughLong narrow display of flowers designed to run down centre or front of table.

Medium -  approx18cmW x 30cmL x 20cmH
Priced from: $55.00 - $65.00

Long - approx 18cmW x 40cmL x 20cmL
Priced from: $65.00 - $85.00

Eclectic Table Vases - Pretty cluster of 3-7 small vases in variying sizes and shapes with table scatter petals & buds.

Small - 3 x small vases
Prided from: $85.00

Medium - 5 x small vases
Priced from $125.00

Large - 7 x small assorted vases
Priced from: $185.00

To purchase our wedding flowers, visit our online shop



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